Hi, on this page I will publish my Proce55ing studies and projects, This is a "work in progress area". Go here to see final works and more. To view the applets it needs Java to be installed on your computer (usually it is).

ABSTRACT-CODEX is my new personal site, anyway I still use this space for all proce55ing work in development.

Alessandro Capozzo

ARBOR_1-This a study on recursive functions to make simple 3d interactive arborisation system. I used Fry's rotation script (the same of color_cube example) adding a feed-back controll.-July 03-

FRACTAL_CUBES_1- A 3D fractal built with cubes, there is an error in the recursive function but I like the effect. Serendipity. - July 03-

FRACTAL_CUBES_2-Correct version, maybe less interesting. -July 03-

ARBOR_2-Arborisation. A more interactive version.
-July 03-

INTERACTIVE_ARBORIZATION-An optimized version of previous studies. I add colors, modify recursive function and rotation.
-29 July 03-

3DPRIMITIVE_1A-A rough study to build new 3d primitives. Press 'A' or 'Z' keys to increase or decrease sides number. I used and modify code by Fry and Reas for GUI and rotation. -11 August 03-

SPYRO_STUDY-A study on double spirals. - 27 August 03-

ABSTRACTSCAPE-A very simple applet based on Perlin noise Proce55ing example. - 3 October 03-

ABSTRACTSCAPE_1B-A variation with two similar tapes. - 5 October 03-

ABSTRACTSCAPE_1C-Another variation with different tapes. - 5 October 03-

ABSTRACTSCAPE_2- Perlin noise+gestaltic confusion- 18 October 03-

ABSTRACTSCAPE_2B- A color variation. - 18 October 03-

TURBULENCE STUDY - MOVIE - This is a QT movie (3.5 Mb) created frame by frame with a simple code. I think to develope this idea for a more complex work. - 28 October 03-

TURBULENCE STUDY -FRAMES - Some frames and static variations - 28 October 03-

GLOW - A mouse trailer simulating bouncing lights- 6 November 03-

BIO_1A - Worm, snake or swimming creature. A motion and structure experiment. - 5 December 03-

LARVAE -Worms automated system . - 29 January 04-

ABSTRACTSCAPE_3 -A new abstractscape version using a pseudo 3d visualization. - 9 February 04-

ABSTRACTSCAPE_3_INT - An interactive version . - 9 February 04-

RELATIONS - Larvae evolution. It could be seen also from a metaphorical point of view. - 14 March 04-

RELATIONS_VAR1 - Small variations generate dynamic texture. - 14 March 04-

RELATIONS_ENVIRONMENT-Each flocking creature could be connected with the others by an ephemeral net of relations.
Applet built for processing.org exhibition- 17 May 04-

FLORA-FAUNA - A cellular automata to draw something between a tree and a neuron. Click to start again. - 5 August 04-